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Friday, August 19, 2011

The Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Guys Do It Again!

Mike Nelson with his Robot Friends

Bill Corbett with his alter-ego, Crow T. Robot

Kevin Murphy, the man behind the
gumball head of  Tom Servo 

I thought you might enjoy a little update of the live-by-satellite theatre showing of Jack the Giant Killer, a movie which was verbally demolished by the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 trio in fine form.  (See my original pre-show article here: (http://www.classicbeckybrainfood.blogspot.com/2011/08/special-theatre-showing-of-really-bad.html)  You don't very often hear an audience of adults giggling and snorting, but that's what we did all through this special presentation.  My son and I left the theatre with sore facial muscles caused by extreme laughing.  We were also developing bruises on our ribs from reaching over and poking each other constantly.

Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy appeared onstage/onscreen to do their shtick, and seeing their own live faces as well as hearing the familiar robot voices made the experience even more fun.  I cannot even begin to describe the stream of  marvelous humor, but some of the pertinent snarky remarks included:  "So, is he a really big guy who kills? ... No, dummy, he's a regular-sized guy killing a giant!" ... "Hey, he seems more like Jack the Giant Annoyer to me!" ... "Hoist the cliches, me hearties!" ... "Look!  The villain is a chubby version of Ming the Merciless!" ... "My God, Jack is wearing a Peter Pan outfit to fight a giant!"  Some of my favorites were aimed at the particularly annoying little leprechaun who lived in a bottle and spouted rhymes continuously.  The Irish jokes were plentiful, my favorite being, "I'll be free and puking up Guinness soon!"  I know the little green guy was supposed to be beguiling and beloved, but I just kept wanting to say "Be quiet!"

Rifftrax presents the MST3K guys periodically in theatres all over the country.  When you get the chance, be sure to attend one and have a great time with lots of other like-minded, sick-humored folks! 


  1. I heard there was a Rifftrax/MST3K event this past week in Chicago but I couldn't attend. I hope there will be another.

  2. Tom, if it was this past Wednesday, it was the same show I attended being broadcast all over the country. Part of the fun is knowing that all over, theatres of poeple just like us are watching and laughing at the same thing!

  3. Yep that's the one; there was a Meetup group gathering for it in Chicago, and there was another screening in the Suburbs, I heard. Next time I'll be sure to check it out.

    PS the same Chicago MST3K group is gathering tomorrow to watch The Pod People and I'm planning to check it out.

  4. Thanks for the update; really love MST3K--robots, humans, and all!

  5. Becky, I'm almost ashamed to say I'd never heard of this before. I mean, I'd heard of the guys and the robots, remember them vaguely from tv. (Old lady memory strikes again!) But to see them live poling fun at a movie is something I can't imgaine. It must have been a lot of fun. I'm glad you and your son got a chance to go. If I was nearby I'd have gone too. Just to see what was what. :)

    I was wondering what was meant by MST3K whenever I saw those initials. Now I know. I'm hopeless, I know. Ha!

  6. It is great that those guys can still make a living off a great show!!! was JOEL HODGSON there??? he was the original!!

  7. GOM, you're welcome. I'm such a huge fan too!
    Yvette, being of a certain age just means being smart enough to see a good thing and ask about it! If you have never seen MST3K (the mysterious initials!), go immediately to a video store, redbox, on-demand, or some to my house, and see Mystery Science Theatre 3000: The Movie. It was a released a few years ago, the best stuff those guys have ever done. They are doing a 50's sci-fi "This Island Earth" and my son and I can quote just about all of it! That would be your best introduction and I think you would love it!
    Doc, Joel Jodgson wasn't there - the 3 guys mentioned above were the hosts and snarkers. I remember not liking Mike Nelson at first when Joel left, but he grew on me!

  8. Becky, I'm so happy for your and your son, getting to see the MST3K gang doing their RiffTrax thing! Vinnie and I loved the TV show (we think Shugie will like it as she gets older), and it sounds like you guys had a blast! For the record, I always liked both Joel and Mike! :-) Thanks for sharing your evening's fun and zaniness with us!