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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Was One Of Those Girls....

It really was like this!

I am experiencing a strange kind of writers's block.  My next post was going to be about famous sci-fi movies behind the scenes.  I don't know, maybe I have been struck by a ray from Mars.  In any case, I've been in the mood for nostalgia, not movie nostalgia, but teenage music memories.  With some of them I actually wasn't yet a teenager at all, just a little girl, but they were famous and I heard them a lot then.  So, just for fun, here are a few that made my heart go pitter-pat, made me cry litttle teen tears, or just made me want to dance.

Gene Pitney -- I had forgotten what a darling he was, with a fabulous voice.  He's singing my favorite of his songs on a British American Bandstand-type TV show.  He is obviously lip-synching, as they usually did then, but it's the best version anyway.

The Dave Clark 5 -- I was madly in love with Mike, the lead singer/keyboard player. Now I remember why!

The Animals -- Eric Burdon was a small guy but powerful, and seemed a little dangerous.  This one was not liked by parents, including mine!  I, of course, loved it!


The next two songs are...well...let's just say that after the feminist movement came along, you will never hear their like again.

Shelley Fabares -- Those of you who remember the Donna Reed show will get a kick out of seeing this clip from the show where Shelley sings "Johnny Angel".  You will see Donna, and a young James Stacey, before his terrible accident when he lost an arm and leg.

Joannie Sommers -- There were a lot of Johnny's in those days.  This is another one for which I will be chastised by women a lot younger than me.  Hey, I was just a kid in a different time.  I thought it was so romantic!

John Gary -- this last number is not by a teenage heart-throb, but a very popular singer whose career was cut short by the rock music invasion.  Bell-like tenor voice, just a lovely man with an incredible talent.

Had to add one more -- this is for you, FlickChick!  Darlin' Bobby Darin!


Hope you enjoyed this trip backward in time with me.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Corman is Coming - Lights Out, Candles Flicker - Don't Look Over Your Shoulder!

I wish I could decipher personality clues of handwriting, because I think this autographed picture of the great Vincent Price shows a very interesting style of signature!  I'm spotlighting him because I will be writing about Roger Corman's "The House of Usher," starring Vincent on Sunday, June 19th.  My article is just one of many that Nathanael of Forgotten Classics of Yesteryear has put together for a blogathon to celebrate the movies of a horror legend - Roger Corman.  Corman was responsible for unique and varied films, and my favorites are the fright flicks!  The blogathon begins this coming Friday, June 17th and continues through Sunday, June 19th.  Take a peek at the list of wonderful Corman movies you can read about, take notes of those you haven't seen, and enjoy!

Here is the day-by-day list of the posts and bloggers:

June 17th:

-Tales of Terror- Jaime Grijalba (http://exodus8-2.blogspot.com/)
-The Wild Angels- Ivan Lerner (http://ivanlandia1.blogspot.com/)
-The Day the World Ended– Stacia (http://www.shebloggedbynight.com/)
-GAS-S-S-S- Gary Cahall (http://www.moviefanfare.com/category/from-the-files-of-dr-strangefilm/
-Boxcar Bertha- Michaƫl Parent (http://cinephiliaque.blogspot.com/
-Bloody Mama- John Greco (http://twentyfourframes.wordpress.com/
-Sorority Girl- Thomas Duke (http://cinemagonzo.blogspot.com/)

June 18th:

-Little Shop of Horrors- Page (http://myloveofoldhollywood.blogspot.com/)
-The Haunted Palace- Rachel (http://thegirlwiththewhiteparasol.blogspot.com/)
-Tower of London- Kevyn Knox (http://themostbeautifulfraudintheworld.blogspot.com/)
-The St. Valentine's Day Massacre- Tom (http://motionpicturegems.blogspot.com/)
-Tomb of Ligeia- Rick (http://classic-film-tv.blogspot.com/)
-Five Guns West – Toby (http://fiftieswesterns.com/)
-Creature From the Haunted Sea- W.B. Kelso (http://microbrewreviews.blogspot.com/)

June 19th:

-The Intruder- Jack Lunt (http://jacklfilmreviews.blogspot.com/)
-The Masque of the Red Death- S.M. Rana (http://smrana.blogspot.com/)
-The Raven- Michael Troutman (http://ishootthepictures.blogspot.com/)
-A Bucket of Blood - Ivan G Shreve Jr (http://thrillingdaysofyesteryear.blogspot.com/)
-X: The Man With the X-Ray Eyes- Team Bartilucci (http://doriantb.blogspot.com/)
-Frankenstein Unbound – Chris Michael (http://forgottenclassicsofyesteryear.blogspot.com/)
-The House of Usher- ClassicBecky (http://www.classicbeckybrainfood.blogspot.com/)

Visit Nathanael's site at http://www.forgottenclassicsofyesteryear.blogspot.com/.  You can also click on the picture on my sidebar.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Well, Everybody Else Is Doing It!

"You like me ... you really like me!"

No, I'm not channeling Sally Field.  Several of my movie blogging friends have inspired me to acknowledge and thank my followers -- I hit 50!  That's a well-rounded and respectable number!  It is such a compliment when someone likes my stuff well enough to be an official follower.  And the names are great!  You should arrow over their pictures and see some of the clever nom de plumes.  Thanks everybody!  I hope you are still enjoying visiting.  I just love having you here.

Aw, shucks, folks!  Ya shouldn't have!
But I'm glad ya did!