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Saturday, April 14, 2012

What Do You Want For Your Birthday?

Don't you hate it when your birthday or Christmas are coming up and somebody says "Give me some gift ideas".  My brain automatically goes into freeze mode.  Like Ralphie in A Christmas Story, the minute I get on Santa's lap (metaphorically speaking), I completely forget my wish list of gifts I really want.  I always want classic movies.  I have a huge collection on VHS, which are all getting very old and are giving out.

I have a significant birthday coming up in July.  So I went to the TCM shopping page and decided to put a few things in the cart to keep and refer to when I get the question.  An hour later, I had a list that totals $802.76.  I don't suppose any of my friends and readers would care to pitch in with my family?  That shopping site is completely addictive.  I couldn't stop!  Finally my sister called me, or I would still be on there!

Collections are the best, of course.  And the most expensive!  Dream along, Miss Becky.....

Just a small example...these range in price from expensive to really expensive...of course I picked plenty that are just one-movie DVDs, and they are affordable, mostly.  Moby Dick, An American in Paris, Streetcar Named Desire, The Dawn Patrol, W.C. Fields shorts....in other words, a lot!

Now I'm worried that I will somehow get $802.76 worth of DVDs, and someone will invent yet another piece of technology that will make these obsolete.  Probably something that will be the size of my little fingernail, requiring a machine the size of my cell phone.  How does a girl on a limited income keep up with all this?  Well, anyway, my gift ideas are ready to peruse, just in case some friend or family gets rich, or if a distant uncle dies and leaves me a lot of money (however, I think all my distant uncles are already dead).

If you could have any movie gift you wanted, what would it be?

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Best "Happy Easter" I Ever Got!

My good friend FlickChick knows of my lifelong love for The Great Flynn, and she created this clever and unique Easter card!  Thanks a billion, Chick!  This is a keeper!