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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Special Thanks Today for Inspired Filmmakers

Thanksgiving is the perfect day to share some favorite, heartwarming scenes ...

The original:

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Well, what's wrong with it?  You're not having roasted deer today!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Say It Isn't So! October Is Over?!

Now what do I do?

The great Universal horror classics, Val Lewton's eerie films, the fun of William Castle's crazy scares, Hammer's wonderful movies ... all in mothballs for another year.  Oh, a few get trotted out every once in a while the other 11 months, but nothing compares with the unfailing flood of the best horror during October on Turner Classic Movies.

I'm not the only one who mourns the passing of the month of gods and monsters:

"October good ... November bad"
(Boris Karloff, Universal's Frankenstein)

"Dude, this really breaks my heart"
(Christopher Lee, Hammer's Dracula)

"You're scared?  I never get hired for anything but horror flicks!"
(Darby Jones, Val Lewton's I Walked With A Zombie)

"I never get to be on TCM anyway ... maybe The Walking Dead is auditioning"
(unidentified sad zombie girl)

"You mean nobody wants me anymore?"
(Fredric March as Mr. Hyde)

"Back to the sewer again?!"
(Lon Chaney, Phantom of the Opera)

"Yes! That's right!  Unemployment for the rest of the year!"
(William Castle's House on Haunted Hill)