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Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm Feeling A Little Verklempt -- Talk Amongst Yourselves -- Here's a Topic -- "The Man That Got Away" -- Discuss

Mike Myers in "Coffee Talk" from Saturday Night Live says it best.  Gangsters when I get well -- Nyquil today.  Faithful readers, to keep your interest while I recover and wrok on my new gangster series, I offer what I consider to be the best song recorded on film by the best torch singer in her prime -- "The Man That Got Away" by Judy Garland, from A Star Is Born.  The YouTube clip was created by MicheleBell1, who scanned it from the movie with the desire to more closely show Garland's emotional facial expressions and body language.  This clip showcases the singing and music with perfect sound.

Turn up your speakers and prepare to feel the gut-wrenching thrill of Garland at her powerful best.

Incredible...I feel better already.  Just a few sneezes and coughs away -- the Golden Age of Gangsters!  I can hear the tommyguns rat-a-tat-tatting already....


  1. Becky - I will be there. Can you see me panting in anticipation? Cagney, Robinson and Ann Dvorak!

  2. Thanks FlickChick! It will be posted in about an hour and a half! I still feel crummy sick, but I'm a little better, and I'm loving this topic!

  3. They've waited since the 1930s - take your time and feel better

  4. thanx for the post...great song...it is sad to see her so tired and aged only ten years after THE WIZARD OF OZ...