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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Haiku Competition -- Entry #3

Rochester's tortured soul and Jane's unwavering spirit gave Orson Welles and Joan Fontaine two of the best movie roles of their careers.  A moving tale of life's cruelty and love's redemption, worthy of poetry...

A pitiless world...
Passion denied...oh, Jane, Jane...
She hears his voice call...

*Jane Eyre (1944)*

This is an entry for the Best For Film Hollywood Haikus blogging competition. Enter now.


  1. Liking this one! But I am miffed at you because you got me started on these dang things and I can't stop!!!

  2. Thanks, you guys! FlickChick, don't be miffed! If it makes you feel any better, I'm having the same problem!

  3. I am now writing my shopping lists in haikus.

  4. The old 5-7-5 has overtaken me too:

    Milk, bread, eggs and cheese...
    Mint chip ice cream, if you please...
    Steak and mushrooms - ahhh!

    God help us both! Obsession!!!!

  5. Becky, your JANE EYRE haiku was so moving. You did a fine job of capturing the essence of the film's yearning romanticism!

  6. Dorian, I'm glad to hear you say that. This version of Jane Eyre is my favorite...especially the stormy scene in the garden when Rochester asks Jane to marry him. Incredible romanticism!

  7. Yes, this poem would never fit the new incredibly dull Jane Eyre. If I had seen the current version first, I wouldn't have spent my life looking for Mr. Rochester!


  8. great haiku and this was the ONLY version of JANE EYRE 'til recently!!!

  9. when that day does come,
    and all our sorrow is gone,
    speak kindly sir once!!

  10. Amy, you are so right -- that search never came true for me. Probably because Rochester was a solitary homebody, so am I, and we never met because we are both at home! LOL!

    Doc, I like your haiku a lot. This was certainly the best Jane Eyre, but there have been several over the years. I heard that the new one is pretty stinko...

  11. Becks,
    You're on a roll with these great Haiku's and heres hoping you will do one for Cat On a Hot Tin Roof or Bringing Up Baby for yours truly. : )