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Friday, December 30, 2011

Countdown to 2012 -- Will The World Really End?

Should we trust the Mayan calendar that does not go beyond 2012?  Maybe they just ran out of flat stones and chisels ... that's as good a theory as any.  I have made plans for 2012 anyway.  If the world winks out sometime during the year, at least I won't have to do all the work I'm making for myself.  My blog is definitely a main focus.  I have not written anything substantial for a couple of months, and I have ideas that are waiting to be born.  My first post of 2012 will be one I have promised to myself for a long time -- a celebration of one of my favorite performers, Sophie Tucker.  I also want to do a list of the top 50 movies that I love; participate in the CMBA Comedy Classics blogathon; do a companion post to my earlier Bad Bette Davis pictorial by showing the Good Bette; and write a tribute to the great romantic classic films. 

Before all that, however, comes New Year's Eve.  Mine is all planned!

My date is the intense, intellectual type with a little kink ...
I have a lovely new ensemble for our "marathon" evening ...
We plan to start imbibing early ...
A gourmet meal to ring in the new year ...
We will be partying at my place, so we won't have to deal with this guy ...
... and this won't be our eventual destination ...
The party's over ... it's time to call it a day ...



  1. OMG....those pajamas would give me more of a headache than 3 bottles of champagne! Mr. Clooney and I regret that we have other plans. Anyway, we don't have to worry about those cute C.H.I.P.S. guys--Mr. Clooney has a driver! However, we like the idea of being handcuffed and confined in a locked room with a very small bed. LOL!!!

  2. Cool Becky! Sounds like you have New Year's Eve and 2012 planned pretty good. Look forward to your blog in the coming new year. Oh and I look forward to you being my guest in May on my blog.

  3. Kim, Kim .... you do have an exciting evening planned out, don't you? Just for you, I will lock the cell door and hide the key until Lincoln's Birthday!

  4. Thanks Monty! I'm really looking forward to May as well! It's an honor!

  5. Now that's my idea of evening clothes ! The Twilight Zone is great to watch. Sure is a lot better than watching half a million half drunk yahoos on the idiot box. Wishing you and yours a quiet peaceful evening (sorry, that sort of slipped out), safe, warm, and comfy new years.

    Now that we have that out of the way, what do you have planned for Groundhog Day. Night Gallery...

  6. Same to you and yours, Tom. Great idea for Groundhog Day. And I think I'll save The Outer Limits for election day ...

  7. My hubby is quite excited about the world ending in 2012 as it means he won't have to buy Christmas presents.

    I'm spending New Year's at a Connecticut night spot known as Holiday Inn where Jim Hardy will be singing "Let's Start the New Year Right" and his former song and dance partner Ted Hanover will dazzle all with a drunken dance routine. If I don't poop out I'll follow that up with a little mystery solving with the Charles.

    PS: Your date is dreamy!

  8. Beck, Please don't date a guy who says " Get ready To Kiss Your Sanity Goodbye". Go for a guy in uniform. I'm just saying.. :) Happy New Years!!

  9. CW, what a great place to spend the evening and follow it with a Chan fest! (I think my date is dreamy, too!)
    Dawn, no worries -- my sanity went south a long time ago. Now if I could just have a date who was intense, intelligent AND in a uniform (preferably Air Force), I would be in heaven!

  10. I prefer cowboy printed flannel p.j.s but on the whole, we're sharing the eveing. You with Rod Serling and me with William Powell in THE THIN MAN. Sounds like a plan.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, kiddo!

  11. Yvette, wouldn't we be a picture -- you in cowboy pajamas and me in my pink nighmare! But boy it would be fun! Happy New Year!

  12. Sounds like you're all set for a snuggly, enjoyable New Year's Eve...me, I'm watching PENNY SERENADE and may well end up weeping my way into 2012 (I had to spend New Year's with Cary Grant and I have a mushy soft spot for this one).

    I hope 2012 is good to you - that your Internet is up and running from Jan. 1 - Dec. 31 and that your creative juices flow freely all year.


  13. Hi Eve! I'm up early because the fire alarm in our building went off once again. It needs no actual fire to go off -- it just turns itself on frequently! Ugh! I had a fun New Years Eve, and I do have many ideas for this year's writing projects. I adore Penny Serenade, tears included. Happy New Year to you too!

  14. Well, we're still here! Looking forward to all of your wonderful posts in 2012!

  15. Becky, I second FlickChick's emotion! :-) Due to a schedule screw-up, we of Team Bartilucci didn't actually go out to celebrate 2012, but we did collect the pictures of the various fun and wacky Ball Drops from NYC and NE PA! If you like, check them out on my Facebook page under Dorian Kathleen Tenore-Bartilucci! Here's hoping 2012 will be a great year full of joy and triumph for you and yours and, heck, all of us nice folks all over the world! :-)

  16. Should the Cubs happen to win the World Series this year, you can bet the world's end will soon follow.

    I'm rather looking forward to the end of the world coming, though I highly suspect that when Dec. 22 rolls along, there will be a lot of disappointed New Agers out there.

    Happy New Year to you and your readers.

  17. Have the Mayans kidnapped you? BTW, try to remember it was the Aztecs who were into human sacrifices!