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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Blogathon For The Cure ... What Happened To His Moustache!?

Bette of Bette's Classic Movie Blog,  http://www.bettesmovieblog.blogspot.com/ is sponsoring a blogathon for a group called Movember, striving for the education and research of prostate and other cancers in men.  Every November, men grow moustaches in support of the cause, and Bette decided to advertise this worthy venture with a blogathon about classic stars with moustaches.  Click on her link above to find other participants and more information about Movember.  Also, click on this link if you would like to make a donation for the cause:  http://us.movember.com/donate/   I wanted to participate, and decided to try to find pictures of famous moustached stars without their moustaches ... some still look great, others not so much.  See what you think ...

George Brent -- doesn't need a moustache to look great!

Love this one -- somebody managed to make handsome, distinguished
 Basil Rathbone look terrible with no moustache and a bad toupee in
"Tower of London" ...  Plus, we get a bonus pic of Boris without hair!

Errol Flynn in "The Prince and the Pauper" ...
well, really, does he ever look less than gorgeous?

John Barrymore, the Great Profile doesn't need his moustache to look great!

William Powell in "Love Crazy" ... much better with a moustache ...
However, it would be a definite handicap here!

Clark Gable in "Night Nurse" ... still imposing without the
 lip brush ... boy, Barbara Stanwyck isn't afraid of anybody!

Vincent Price in "The Mad Magician" ... he may be crazy,
but he is just as distinguished and handsome ...
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. ... what a cutie, with or without!

I tried and failed to find a picture of David Niven without a moustache, even in his very young years ... I think he must have been born with it!

ADDENDUM:  OOPS!  FlickChick reminded me of David Niven in Wuthering Heights, sans moustache!  So here he is, looking a little stunned (maybe he just got it waxed off), but just as handsome as ever!


  1. Hi Becky - David Niven was sans stache in "Wuthering Heights" - so lots of pics from that film. I agree most handsome men look good with or without, but the lip hair really pushed Gable to the top of the heap. As for William Powell - I think he waxed for that one!

  2. Becky,
    I knew you would include your boyfriend Errol! lol
    Cute post and I'll be sure to check out Dawn's and Gilby's.
    I looked through all of my photos of David Niven and I do believe you're right. I'll have to look through the books I have of his and see at just what age he started growing facial hair. I'll report back if he was still in short pants.

  3. Flickchick, I forgot all about Niven in Wuthering Heights. I have corrected my mistake, with full credit to you!
    Page, Errol would HAVE to be in there. And Niven did appear without the brush, as you see above -- looks beautiful too!

  4. Becky - you can almost hear him say - where is my mustache?

  5. Hey Beck, Thank you for mentioning Gilby's and my, Moustaches for Movember blogathon posts. You can find my entry at the link listed below:


    You have a few days left to add your cute post. You will find the info. you need on N and CF's sidebar.

  6. Your post reminds me of my own Pencil Thin Moustache post of a while back. I love all the above mentioned stars - but really, they gotta' have the 'stache.

    Don't like them with bald lips. Ha!

    I like the idea of a Blogathon for a worthy cause. Good job.

  7. Thanks Yvette. Someone near and dear to me is battling prostate cancer, and this blogathon means a lot to me. So you don't like the "bald lips", huh? LOL!

  8. So glad that you included Vincent Price.. ;")