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Saturday, July 23, 2011

I'm Just A Glutton For Punishment -- And I've Got The Link That Will Prove It

I wanted to put something new on my site until my next BrainFood article is finished, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone and provide a link to my new post on the Classic Film and TV Cafe.  Even though I state in the prologue that I might lose friends over this post, I'm taking another chance on losing my non-CMBA friends as well.  Thus, the title I chose for this shout-out to my post at the Cafe.  Besides, the Cafe is a great movie blog, and if you haven't visited it, this is your chance.

This month's theme at the Cafe is "The Five Best", and you can fill in whatever you want.  We've had The Five Best TV Sidekicks, The Five Best Movie Death Scenes (that's me), The Five Best Summer Movies -- you get the point.  These have been such fun and are really good.  My post today is titled "The Five Best TV Comedies I Didn't Like At All".  Talking trash about classic TV comedy is a very dangerous undertaking considering the rabid readership for such topics.  But, I am woman, hear me roar -- and perhaps whimper when people start commenting.

Just click on the link and find out if you like me anymore:



  1. the premise of these shows ran thin so quickly...it is hard to believe that they were on for years...smartest of the group...ARNOLD the pig!!

  2. Becky, you are so funny. I confess I don't hate "Green Acres" either - although I tuned in to see if Mr. Douglas would ever ride his tractor without a suit and tie, if Mrs. Douglas' flapjacks would ever not stick to the ceiling, if Ebb, Alf & Ralph would ever find happiness and just to hear Eva Gabor say "ol-leeeee-ver"!

  3. DOC, too true! Thin as onionskin!
    FLICKCHICK, thanks for saying I'm funny! You reminded me of something: "Ol-leeeee-ver, Ol-leeee-ver, never before has a boy asked for more...."

  4. Becky, I left my responses on Classic Film and TV Cafe, but in a nutshell, I'm unashamed to admit I loved all those shows in my youth except MY MOTHER THE CAR, if only because I never saw it and I'm not all that interested in catching up with it. I barely have enough free time to catch up with the shows that I really AM interested in! :-)

  5. Becky, I loved reading your posts for "The Five Best", theme. "The Five Best TV Comedies I Didn't Like At All". Was a funny read.