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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

4 CMBA Member Blogs Win Haiku Contest!

The Winners in their triumphant victory march!
 BestforFilm movie site recently sponsored a contest for the best Japanese haiku poetry inspired by movies. It was a big competition, and I am thrilled to congratulate four CMBA blogs chosen as winners: Caftan Woman, Flick Chick, Clara of via Margutta and the the team of Brandie, Carrie and Nikki of True Classics! These winning women are pictured above in appropriate wardrobe ...

Caftan Woman was awarded second prize for her clever and witty haiku based on Charlie Chan on Broadway.  Flick Chick was awarded runner-up for her laugh-out-loud haiku based on Some Like It Hot.  Clara was awarded runner-up for her really funny haiku based on From Here to Eternity.  The True Classics team was awarded runner-up for their unique laugh-with-a-shiver haiku based on Psycho.  Click on this link to view their wonderful work:

It just goes to show you how much talent the CMBA has to offer. Kudos, ladies!


  1. Becky - you are a doll. I was surprised you recognized me in my costume! And thanks again for turning me on to the haikus! As YOU said - we were cuckoo for haikus! And congrats to Caftan Woman, Clara and Brandie, Carrie & Nikki.

  2. ROTFL!! Becky, that victory march footnote was one of the funniest things I've read this year :) Thank you and congrats to the rest of the girls! I wish they had Blu-Ray players for all of us :)

  3. Thanks, Becky, and congrats to the other notable runners-up! I enjoyed everyone's contributions over the past month--we do have some talented folks!

  4. Congrats to everyone! That was nice news to read early in the morning.

  5. I was told the ceremony was private. Damn paparazzi are everywhere!

    The haiku contest was a fun way to push our creativity, but I want to know when I'll stop counting syllables. Anybody else having trouble?

  6. Congrats Ladys!! Hopefully, I will be able to participate next time. It looked like you guys had way too much fun wearing your beautiful costumes. :)


  7. FlickChick, I had forgotten our motto "cuckoo for haikus"! LOL! And you look divine as a geisha...
    Thanks, Clara! I couldn't resist the picture and had to caption it that way!
    Brandie, it was fun, wasn't it, enjoying all of the different entries?
    Rick, isn't it great publicity for the CMBA? Good stuff!
    Caftan Woman, celebs just can't hide from the public! Didn't you tell me you were starting to make grocery lists in haiku? I was the same way! We developED 7-5-7 counting OCD!
    Dawn, those costumes are beautiful, but you sure can't get dressed quickly!

    I have an idea to help everyone stop thinking in haiku form -- how about iambic pentameter? Remember English class and Shakespeare?
    "If MU/sic BE/the FOOD/of LOVE/play ON"
    You can do that, or stress
    the syllables the other way:
    "HELP me/STOP this/TORture/WITH these/HAIkus!"

    There, doesn't that help? MUWAHAHAHA....

  8. Congratulations to all the wonderful runner-ups, and the mighty second place winner.

  9. Bravo, brava, and congratulations to all of you who won, placed, or showed in the Hollywood Haiku contest!